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25 Reasons Why Our Culture Is Already Dead


I hang my head in shame at it all. Still, there are plenty of people who feel just as ashamed about this mess:

1. The 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon (Have ANY women who’ve “enjoyed” the book taken into account that Christian Grey is a flat-out misogynist, and Anastasia Steele is the most idiotic, cringe-worthy female protagonist ever conceived?)

2. Duck Dynasty

3. The Bachelor(ette) 

4. The Real Housewives from (Fill in the blank with Flashy City or Rich County of Choice)

5. “Mom Gets Arrested For Letting Her 8 Year Old Walk to the Park”

6.  “Scientists” like Lenar Whitney (Republican running for Congress) who insist that climate change can be logically disproved…with a THERMOMETER

7. Facebook and Twitter spats (Pick up a phone or meet in a bar like everyone else itching for a fight)

8.  Megan Fox’s frosty white eyeliner and why it’s the coolest thing EVAH

9.  Ice cream sundae in a can (yes, it’s already in the works)

10.  The following now included in our lexicon: Fap, mansplaining, selfie, sexting, YOLO, cray, throwing shade, turnt up, twerk, bropinion (and anything “bro” related), dickmatized, hangry, festicle, etc…etc…

11. The Impeach Obama movement 

12.  For-profit “universities”

13.  Justin Bieber’s very existence

14.  “Mother Learns of Son’s Death Only After Smelling His Decomposing Body”

15.  An employer’s religious beliefs could, quite possibly, trump yours (see Hobby Lobby SCOTUS ruling for details)

16.  James Franco’s ego

17. Kendall Jones, Barbie Doll Animal Annihilator

18.  High-stakes testing 

19. Anyone who cites Ayn Rand

20. The Anti-Feminist movement 

21. Rabid anti-immigration loonies (kindly consider where your people came from and the struggles they endured)

22.  Open carry nutjobs who flaunt their extremities in public…just because

23.  The Mommy Wars (Who gives a shit? Just make sure your kids don’t grow up to be psychopaths, and all should be well)

24. The couple in the restaurant who are texting or web-browsing on their cell phones

25. Finally, this truly gracious member of society:



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