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A Job Without Irony

(With grave apologies to Ms. Morissette – None of this is “ironic” in the slightest, and I don’t do poetry or lyrics)


A meeting planned that you already hate.

The faculty senate votes that you just couldn’t take.

It’s like ten thousand clips when all you need is a pen.

It’s teaching the class of your dreams

And then having it fail…again.

And isn’t it ironic…


It’s like zero balance on your payday.

It’s the free lunch when you’ve already paid.

It’s the bad advice from the mentor who stayed.

And who would’ve thought it figured?


A student complains she needed the B,

Yet her percentage remains at just above three.

When she runs to the dean, you’re asked for the proof,

But then your gradebook goes missing…

(Aren’t you some kind of a doof.)

And isn’t it ironic…Well, not really…

A little too ironic…

(This is really just silly)


It’s like waiting for the weekend break.

It’s one hundred papers that you then have to grade.

It’s the foolish thought that you’re free from your trade.

And who would’ve thought it figured?


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