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That Icy Nature of the Healthcare Industry


     I have a hard time with sociopolitical causes of any sort. I’m not an activist by any means mainly because I am not a brave individual, and I literally cannot afford the end results (bye-bye, job). I work for the state, am paid (poorly) by the state, and must grudgingly follow the rules of the state (and its idiocy).  I really want to be much more outspoken and upfront than I am. I also feel as if I’ve been conditioned to be a peacemaker though. I do so for my family, my students, and my friends.

     If there was a single “cause” I felt the most passionately about, however, the one most likely to get me to become an activist of some sort, it would have to be the universal health care cause.  What the U.S. has right now — the Affordable Care Act (aka — by media pundits and other fools — “Obamacare”) — is NOT even close to what we are in need of. In fact, it’s virtually the same thing we’ve had since Kaiser Permanente and the start of “for profit” healthcare. Insurance rates have actually increased, ironically due to the noble idealism of the ACA. Since those who are in most in need of healthcare are no longer going to be rejected for insurance (just charged outrageous premiums, copays and deductibles), costs are going up. Insurance is now also required to cover check-ups for women and men. My mammogram was covered, thanks to the ACA. Again, all of this is GOOD, this is RIGHT, but it costs, and it shouldn’t. My monthly premiums for my private insurance has gone up $200 per month in order to cover all of the excess the law requires (I read this in the last letter from my insurance company). I would drop them in a heartbeat since I am covered by my workplace, but insurance companies deny claims, and I needed the excess insurance Just In Case.  I needed it, in fact, for an ER visit.

     This shouldn’t be though.

      Healthcare IS a moral imperative, an absolute human right. We must care for each other, or we will crumble. Honestly, I would NOT mind a bump in my taxes IF that meant we ALL had coverage (like Medicare for everyone), and that coverage would guarantee to cover ANYTHING that went awry regarding our health.  We’d pay generic prices for pharmaceutical drugs rather than bloated costs for a NAME brand, and we’d pay a little extra for things like a private hospital room. Anything else though, we’d have it covered.

      In the end, no one should be making a profit from the health of us…the health of our humanity.


2 thoughts on “That Icy Nature of the Healthcare Industry

  1. One of the (many) things that really appals me about the American health system is that HMOs can decide which treatments they consider worthwhile – ie, what they’ll pay for. How dare they!
    It seems such an incomprehensible contradiction that the most influential country in the world, known for speaking out about inequities in other nations, should have such a cavalier attitude to its own citizens – and one of the big fears in Australia at the moment is that our current government seems hell bent on going the same way.

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  2. It’s a shame US can’t give affordable health care to its citizens. The cost of health care rockets sky high out of reach. The people who make money from health are pharmaceutical companies, insurances, hospitals and doctors. Sheen.

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