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Revenge Against the Literati!

   In my profession, the more intellectually “literate” one is, the more respected he/she will be. This, of course, includes publishing a number of obscure books and/or articles in scholarly journals no one ever admits to reading for pleasure. Those particular publications, dissertations, theses and so forth are often rife with rhetorical meta-analyses on various literary … Continue reading

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A Lemon of a Class

     Noon classes are not my favorite. Most noon classes consist of students battling low blood sugar and total apathy. Every once in awhile, I get a noon class that’s attentive, but it’s so rare these days that I am starting to think I may have made up good noon class memories somewhere in my overactive … Continue reading

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25 Reasons Why Our Culture Is Already Dead

I hang my head in shame at it all. Still, there are plenty of people who feel just as ashamed about this mess: 1. The 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon (Have ANY women who’ve “enjoyed” the book taken into account that Christian Grey is a flat-out misogynist, and Anastasia Steele is the most idiotic, cringe-worthy female protagonist … Continue reading