I Haz a Snobbery

Yes, I am a snob. Allow me to demonstrate my snobbery:


(My county abuses verb tense quite often. “Broked” is regional, I realize — for example, “I done broked it.”)


(Sign-maker seems oblivious to singular nouns and their corresponding articles. It would be super awesome if the mistake is the article. Think about it: free cinema ticketS!)


(I’m SO curious about this. How does one “tudor” without getting beheaded?)


(We is?)


(Who doesn’t love celebrating a day involving bowel movements?)




(We’ll leave them be then. They’ll be fine.)


(Whose built exactly? The possessive pronoun in lieu of a contraction is always intriguing. Damn those homonyms!)


(It’s insane, isn’t it? Where does one begin? And what is a baby dipper? Can one actually “through” one away?)


(Those particular children may be in need of extra assistance of some sort. Does anyone actually specialize in helping disabled elderly pregnant children?)

(Photos courtesy of Buzzfeed)


19 thoughts on “I Haz a Snobbery

    • Oh, the apostrophe thing kills my soul a little every time. It’s either too many unneeded apostrophes or not any at all (my students rely on spellcheck to do EVERYTHING for them, and it shows when they write a piece in class). Thank YOU for stopping by!

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