Aw. Shucks.


Apparently, I’ve been nominated for something quite lovely-sounding called the “One Lovely Blog Award” by the very kind author Lew-Ellyn Hughes of Away With Words at http://lewellynhughes.wordpress.com

Not to plagiarize the text of the rules and whatnot, but apparently, I have to repost them:

To be nominated, a blog must be, well… lovely.  In order to “accept” the award one must follow proper etiquette:

Thank and link back to the person who nominated you for the award.

▪List the Rules and Display the One Lovely Blog Award logo to your post and/or blog.

▪Share 7 facts/things about yourself.

▪Nominate around 15 other bloggers and let them know about the award.  This is a way to introduce others to bloggers that you love.

▪Follow the blogger who nominated you.

7 factoids about myself:

  1. When I lived in Tokyo, my house was just two blocks from some sort of apartment complex/dormitory inhabited by sumo wrestlers. I never knew this until I couldn’t enter the 7-11 (yes, 7-11’s in Japan!) down the street because the owner closed the store for a couple of hours a day in order to cater to the needs of his extremely heavyset and soon-to-be-famous customer base.
  2. My mom once hired a spiritualist to talk to the ghosts in our house.
  3. I’ve tried durian and hated the experience.
  4. I’ve written a superhero novel I’m trying to get published. It’s the first in a trilogy.
  5. I teach and used to perform onstage, yet I am a huge introvert.
  6. I have difficulty spelling words aloud.
  7. I love horror films. Not wholly into gore but I like strong, creepy fare, for sure.

Without further adieu, I nominate the following authors/blogs for the One Lovely Blog award:

1. Helen Meikle’s Scribblefest at http://helenmeikle.wordpress.com/

2.  In My Ruins, There is Treasure at http://inmyruinsthereistreasure.com/

3.  Janey Does Blogging at http://janeydoe57.wordpress.com/page/2/

4.  lifelessons — a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown at http://grieflessons.wordpress.com/

5. Grief Happens at http://griefhappens.wordpress.com/

6. My Purse is Closed at http://mypurseisclosed.wordpress.com/

7.  This Counts as Writing, Doesn’t It? at http://denisedufresne.wordpress.com/

8.  Pippakin Talks Cats, Dogs, Teeth and Claws at http://pippakinclawz.wordpress.com/

9.  You Ain’t Special at http://youaintspecial.wordpress.com/

10.  Life – Half Glass Full at http://mitraarchita1995.wordpress.com/

11.  Away with Words (I think I can nominate the nominator…I think it’s well within my rights) at http://lewellynhughes.wordpress.com/

12. A Little Fluff at http://fibercompulsion.com/

13. Carlos Cunha at http://carlosxcunha.wordpress.com/

14. Horrorville at http://horrorville.net/   (horror can be lovely, too…it’s all good)

15. A Blog’s Life at http://gjrblogger04.wordpress.com/

5 thoughts on “Aw. Shucks.

    • I’m not sure what this sort of thing is anyway. It runs akin to a pyramid scheme, frankly — you nominate, then they nominate, and then their they’s nominate, and on and on until a supposed “winner” is announced (and I’m assuming it’s a nice banner for the blog, really, and nothing more). Anyway, you’re nominated, so do whatever it is you like with that nomination! 🙂

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