Oh, if Only…


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If I could be master (not crazy about the word “mistress”) of any skill, at the moment, I would have to be master of my profession. I am supposed to be adept at teaching writing, but I don’t know how anyone could, quite possibly, be “adept” at that skill in my county, let alone the state. Governor Skeletor has signed a virtual punishment into law, one that guarantees all people in my particular profession FAIL at what they do. Students are no longer required to take a college preparatory skills course if they’re un(der)prepared for entry-level courses in composition and mathematics. In other words, students may OPT OUT of college prep classes, even if they know and have been shown they’re not ready to take a college-level course.

Well, Governor Skeletor, here’s a little writing sample from a student I had in my freshman composition class just this morning (day one), a student who elected not to take a preparatory class and, according to you, doesn’t have to do so:

(Topic: One unusual fact about yourself)

“i love white women alot really. White woman have just became my main preference, and alot of my peers know it. Every wensday on the social media site I post a white girl wensday. Which is a picture of my favorite white girl for the weak. I strongly believe in the Interracial relationship, ‘once you go black you go in a wheelchair,’ quoted from Terry Crews in white chicks. My parents hate that i love white women so much but at the end of the day it’s my choice.”

Tell, me Governor Skeletor, where do I begin exactly? Or should he (and many others who are so woefully unprepared), as you so bluntly put it upon signing that ludicrous piece of legislation, “sink or swim”?

You try getting them prepared to write a college-level, MLA-style research paper, dick.



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Got Skills.”

8 thoughts on “Oh, if Only…

  1. My daughter is a teacher and first of all, you guys need to be paid waaaayy more money, and second, kudos to you for the effort that is seemingly futile in your state.. The government is “skilled” at tying the hands of those who could help the most.. How can students even hope to get into college if they can’t even master the basics??

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  2. Words fail me. Or maybe I should say appropriate words fail me, given I have no right to slam your education system when I’m not American. But as I’ve already said on Martha’s blog, if the world’s most influential country takes this attitude to educating the next generation, then pity help the world.

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  3. I taught high school English for a number of years, over 20 years ago. I’m sure it’s only deteriorated since then. While I was doing my master’s work, starting at age 50, I had a professor ask me to look at a couple of research papers he’d been given from students fresh out of the bachelor’s level degree.

    Deplorable doesn’t even begin to describe what he had to wade through. No paragraphing, no spacing, no topic divisions. Just 20 pages of single-spaced, unpunctuated, poorly constructed, misspelled “writing.” The poor man was overwhelmed. He told me he much preferred reading papers written by the older students who were taught grammar when they were in grade school.

    I told him I would have been tempted to put a big RED “X” across each page, ending with a big red zero at the end.

    He laughed. “Can’t. Not allowed.”

    My word.

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