Professional publishing standards, baby.


(2015 Writer’s Market — big, fat, poorly cut FAIL)

     This is the last picture I took. I took it just today, in fact, while I was researching novel publishers. It really says something about the state of the book publishing industry when the Writer’s Market book…yes, the WRITER’S MARKET book…has seriously shoddy presentation. There are three pages like this, all folded. When I unfold them, boom. Lookatit!

Well, at least the material in it is worthwhile (even though it’s revealing some things that are utterly shattering to me — like the number of major publishing companies offering only 5-10% royalties…So very sad).

I mean, presentation can’t be everything, can it?




In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Moment in Time.”

4 thoughts on “Professional publishing standards, baby.

  1. I’ve been working in Coms for decades, and this kind of work would drive me crazy. You don’t have 2 chances to make a first impression, right? oh yes, presentation matters, it is a question of respect of your audience, don’t you think?


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