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It’s Probably All About Peter McKay

First crush? Heck if I know. I had a lot of them.

Probably this guy:

“I Want to Beat Up Peter McKay”

Kids are strange. I undoubtedly had some sort of need to kick his ass or kiss him. At five years-old though, boys were stupid and gross (some of them are still stupid and gross at 42 as well… but for obviously different reasons). Anyway, if I ever do run into Peter McKay as an adult, I don’t think I’d even know him, really. It’s been 37 years for cripe’s sake. He undoubtedly has a mortgage, car payments, taxes to pay, maybe even a family to help feed. He wouldn’t need to be reminded of 37 years ago, back when a freckly, shaggy-haired blonde with knobby knees and a thumb-sucking addiction wanted to engage him in an inexplicable beat down.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “First Crush.”

10 thoughts on “It’s Probably All About Peter McKay

    • I saw the gif on a tumblr that had been passed down to another tumblr and so forth (very popular and SO fitting). As for the boys/aggression and love, wasn’t that also the norm for us girls? The more the boy would pull your hair or tease, the more likely (according to parents) he “liked” you? I would often call b.s. on my mother who’d say that often. For me, I suppose it was karma since I was also aggressive.

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