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“Stuff Happens”


So yet another school massacre. This time in Oregon at a community college. The gunman, apparently, had a total of 13 guns, 6 of them brought to the campus and 7 back at his apartment. Another day in the grand ol’ U.S. of A. Since the horror of Sandy Hook in 2012, in the U.S., there have been approximately 142 school shootings.

Even my alma mater, Florida State University, wasn’t necessarily the safest from the crazies.

Regarding firearms, I seriously have no issue with guns — they never meant much while I lived overseas — but now I live in a land where the outspoken lunacy of the fringe right and their current crop of NRA cult leaders have taken the proud words “Second Amendment” to cultural extremes for their own mad shooting pleasure. I’ve an acquaintance who has introduced me to the term “gunhumpers,” and well, yes, that’s exactly what they are. I’m not talking about anyone who has a handgun of some sort or a shotgun for protection…or even the antique collector, really. No, I’m talking about the self-made, one-man/woman militia with a gigantic stockpile of firearms that would scare off the entirety of a zombie apocalypse (which they’re all hoping will happen anyway) or, heaven forbid, a Graboid invasion, those gun fetishists who have no real need for so many of the damned things despite the voices in their heads screaming otherwise.


The solution they, through the voices of their conservative talking heads, tend to present whenever a massacre happens involving gun violence: More Fucking Guns.

Not renewed restrictions. Not any further investigation into how psychopaths can easily garner access and how to prevent that from happening. Not even any sort of rational solution to our mental health system, which has nothing to do with gun safety and everything to do with catching this sort of thing before it happens.

No. Just More Fucking Guns. (Because criminals will find a way to get guns anyway, we may as well be armed to the teeth. Yeah.)

Today, 2016 right-wing presidential candidate Jeb Bush even went so far as to virtually dismiss the issue behind the tragedy, as if it had been just a normal, everyday occurrence and Whatever.

From The Washington Post:

 Speaking at an event in Greenville, S.C., Bush’s comment came in the midst of expansive answers about the Second Amendment and how people respond to school shootings.

“We’re in a difficult time in our country and I don’t think that more government is necessarily the answer to this,” he said. “I think we need to reconnect ourselves with everybody else. It’s just, it’s very sad to see. But I resist the notion — and I did, I had this, this challenge as governor, because we have, look, stuff happens, there’s always a crisis and the impulse is always to do something and it’s not necessarily the right thing to do.”

Yeah, stuff happens.

Bush Jr. Jr. tries to rephrase but bungles it even further by offering a truly awful comparative, as the ultra-right tend to do because logical fallacies are their forte:

“Things happen all the time,” Bush said. “Things — is that better?”

He later elaborated: “Things happen all the time. A child drowns in a pool and the impulse is to pass a law that puts fencing around a pool… The cumulative effect of this is that in some cases, you don’t solve the problem by passing the law and you’re imposing on large numbers of people burdens that make it harder for our economy to grow, make it harder to protect liberty.”

What in the ever loving hell. (And, ironically, the Jebster did pass such a law.)

This sort of nonchalance to an act of premeditated violence, a mass killing caused by a goddamn lunatic armed with guns, is why I’m starting to truly believe the party of “family values” may be awfully comfortable with psychopathy for them to even admit.

But hey, the solution is so obviously simple, right?

Even More Fucking Guns.


14 thoughts on ““Stuff Happens”

  1. I’ve already said my bit on my own blog . I’m boggled. The Second Amendment might be a beautiful thing in theory, but it’s not exactly working out like that these days, and surely we should deal with what is rather hoping all those nasty aberrations just go away one day. The way to stop gun massacres is to remove the guns.

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    • Alas, that sort of thing would never happen around these parts. Alas, the wording and PUNCTUATION of the Second Amendment, as ambiguous as it is, allows for the gunhumpers to be as crazy as they wish: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” I mean, look at that. Those commas! Those appositives! Is it any wonder everyone is so bloody confused?


  2. Even the “responsible” gun owning American can be pretty scary. People who have an arsenal in their basements and who are the “Americaaa, coming your way” types. I know people who wouldn’t have swatted a fly when they were in thier right minds who have done plenty of damage with thier guns when drunk and wrecked out of thier minds. The essential truth about guns is that they give one power over other living things, and when you boil it all down to the base, an insanely easy to use power. Does one really want any bozo wandering down the street to have that power? I can think of at least twenty card-carrying NRA members whom I know personally and most of them I wouldn’t let walk my dog, let alone invest in them the legalized power over life and death. No human being walking the planet is ever THAT responsible. It’s telling when something like this happens that somebody somewhere worries about thier rights being infringed instead of worrying about the victims or thier familie…”Americaaa coming your way” I guess. And doesn’t the guys in the Bush family have any other ambitions other than to be president? Wasnt two enough?

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    • Oh, you have no argument from me regarding some of the seemingly responsible gun owners. There are plenty of them who are just as nuts, but they’re often in the guise of that very moniker you use — “responsible.” They even tout their “responsible” gun ownership like some sort of badge of normalcy. When push comes to shove though, the human condition does not have us as controlled as we wish to be when something utterly traumatic happens. I’ll bet the majority of “responsible” gun owners would have a difficult time making conscientious, CAREFUL decisions while such an event occurs.

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