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Yes, I Should Be Writing More

I’m working on too many projects at once right now that I’ve neglected the blog for a bit. My fast-track classes have finally started, and well, it’s all so very distracting. Got an overview of my teaching “expertise” to write about this weekend (for an award I probably won’t get because the competition is stiff this year…even one of my dear friends is applying for it…yeah, I don’t stand a chance in hell). I am going to also try my hand at an essay for a scholarship to a genre conference that would be the best thing EVER, but that comes next week when I’ve a little time. There’s the anthology that needs a proposal (thank god I see my editing partner this weekend). MEETINGS, too. MEETINGS. Christ.

Anyway, there’s also this teensy thing I’d been trying to publish and…hey…viola:

The Happy Place (Five on the Fifth)

One day, it’ll all get done. One day.


12 thoughts on “Yes, I Should Be Writing More

    • You read it?? Thank you kindly! Funny, my little sister said it reminded her of Stepford meets Demolition Man just now. I’d never thought of it that way at all (too much pill popping in mine), but hey, it was a cool analogy.

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      • Of course I read it lol. I don’t think I’d compare it to Demolition Man (HEH) but I do see a lot of the cure killing you before the problem. And I don’t think I’ll look at brow furrows the same again… least of all, my own. It may be small but it has enough layers for something twice it’s length. Congrats!

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  1. Thank you so much! Yeah, I only get the post-apocalyptic bit/reference to anything Demolition Man-related, but that’s it really (I just kind of said…”Well, okay! That’s fine by me!”). I had to do something with the whole facial wrinkle thing (how it all reveals emotion), so writing about brow furrows was…well…unusual for sure. Funny, you’re not the only one to mention it could be something…bigger…of sorts. The editor working with sci-fi did as well, mentioning something about turning it into a book. I’m actually thinking about possibly turning it into a little screenplay sometime though. Books take years for me…YEARS. We’d be IN that future by the time I’d finished.

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  2. I am going to give you a GREAT opportunity to add to your writing skills–and share. I do hope you join me.

    Dear Blogger:
    I am recently nominated for The Liebster Award. I have chosen to accept the award and to do what is required. One requirement is to “pay it forward”: to nominate other bloggers. So I have chosen to nominate you for this award whose purpose is “mainly a fun way for bloggers to encourage each other, and partake in the fun of blogging,” says the WP Support Staff.

    I do hope you will consider participating in the project. Thanks. If you want to read my project completion, look at my recent blog posting: “‘And the Award Goes to…’: My Liebster Award”

    Here is the information you will need to complete your tasks if you decide to accept. Good luck. (I have also included a link to a blogger’s page that helped me better understand the formalities; it came from the WP Support Staff: “The Liebster award is not managed by, but here’s a post from a blogger describing how you can take part in that.”):

    The “Official” Rules of the Liebster Award

    If you have been nominated for The Liebster Award AND YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT, write a blog post about the Liebster award in which you:
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    Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as your dinner guest?
    What do you like best about your life?


    You do know, of course, that I read many more–and I do not know whether you have been nominated before and have declined. But the idea is to look at those sites you might not know.

    This was a project. I needed some help, but it did get me in touch with other bloggers and did make me do some personal inventory that was all right.

    Sincerely, JAMES F. O’NEIL

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