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“Neglects…I’ve had a few…”

(Wait. Is that how the song goes?)

I’ve neglected this blog, the antho (off and on), writing, and other things for the past couple of weeks. Work. Busy. Timing. That stuff. Not as many students this term thanks to a schedule that mainly consists of 12 week classes and two of them in the afternoon (NOTE: afternoon classes aren’t particularly popular when the local Chick Fil-A — or fill in the blank with other appropriate regional chain saturated in its own religopolitics — isn’t that far from school).

I’ve still managed to keep apprised of a few things and am quickly learning more about my aging self than I could ever expect:

  1. The Walking Dead — I’m enjoying its parallel to the comic once again. Hey, I don’t mind when it strays from its original source material, but I don’t have time to think about originality right now, and I don’t want to play the ol’ Guess-Who’s-Gonna-Kick-It-This-Episode game right now. Not interested in the upcoming head-destroying scene that the season’s so obviously building up to though. I don’t do hardcore horror. See entry on face-destroying for details on that.
  2. 10 Cloverfield Lane — I loved this movie, and I think it was made specifically for those like me who didn’t like its predecessor much due to the vomit-inducing shaky-cam. It also focuses more on the human monster, less on the alien monster, which is a lot more interesting, imho. I may never look at John Goodman the same way again. He is phenomenal in it.
  3. I think some of my friends are drifting away, utterly uninterested in what little I have to offer. I feel like I’m an interloper half the time they chat with each other, and I’m there, somewhat. I blame academia and the local “literati.” It’s like a secret club, but instead of a badassed secret handshake, one must have have a lengthy list of publications and/or an administrative position to join. I just have eyerolls.
  4.  Speaking of eyerolls, Arrested Development on Netflix. Fab. I’ve missed it. The Bluths are my newfound escape for whenever I get the naughty urge to make fun of someone else.
  5. Jesus, it seriously looks like Donald Trump will be the GOP contender for the title of (our first fascist?) President. He’s a scary b’stard, but his followers are even more frightening in their anger. I can only hope it never comes to pass. Even my conservative friends are worried, and they’re usually often much more concerned that a liberal will take the helm (Me: If ONLY!)
  6. On a MUCH lighter note…something truly awesome happened over the past week, and as soon as everything is official, so to speak, with all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed, I’ll share here. It’s grand.


6 thoughts on ““Neglects…I’ve had a few…”

  1. Ah, the Bluths, I’ve missed them too!
    I don’t mind the face-destroying when it’s a random horror flick but when it’s characters I care about (like in TWD or GoT), it really is excruciating to watch.
    I really, REALLY hope, for your sake as well as everyone else’s in the world, that voters will realize what a (very dangerous) joke Trump is, and soon. Every single network in the US should be broadcasting the Trump roast on heavy rotation as a public service announcement.
    More importantly, great to hear there’s truly awesome news TBA!

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    • I keep forgetting just how GOOD Arrested Development was, how sly. It’s nice to be almost “re-introduced” to it by way of Netflix.

      As for face-destroying, nope, nope, nope. Don’t care for it in anything, no matter the miniscule or annoying the character. Will. Not. Watch. That. It’s one of those horror things where I just have to draw the line there…Head-destroying and eyeball-removal. Nope.

      I predict Mad Max-land if Drumpf becomes Pres. A friend of mine and I both decided we’d be ready with War Rigs and guzzoline at some point during his stint as the leader of the once-free world.

      And as for the news…it’s…coming… 🙂

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  2. I’ve often mocked the Walking Dead (cause why not?) But they’d get more props from me if they didn’t include that scene. It’s not because I’m against harcore horror but at this point it just seems like it would be shocking just to be shocking. If they kill off a beloved character the audience will get the emotional impact anyway… no need to get all garish. I try not to think about facist candidates and and all the stuff that seems to be going on at his rallies now. The truth is it makes me damned uncomfortable and more than a little scared. The dark historical parallels are obvious but so many people seem so oblivious. The attitude seems to be “that could never happen here” which is exactly why it could happen here. Seems to me that friends who pull a fade on you aren’t worth the time anyway — screw those guys. Glad you got some awesome news.

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    • You’re not alone in the mockery of some of the ridiculousness that occurs on TWD (esp. characters who have so many WTF moments that it ruins their arc). Regarding THAT moment that’s fast approaching, I’ve a feeling it will be as gruesome and impactful as it was on GOT when the Viper’s head was crushed, probably even more so because it definitely will be a character who’s beloved by the fanbase.

      Re. the Drumpf, the very fact that his followers are, quite literally, the Angry Mob, scares the shit out of me.

      As for the friends, there’s no fade or shade happening, but it’s certainly a case of Whose News Is Awesomer, leaving those of us who don’t have cushy titles or money for expensive trips to foreign countries or a long list of fancy publications out in the cold. I just smile and nod, smile and nod, and say, “That’s fabulous. Good for YOU!” It’s…well, it’s tiresome. I feel like everyone’s just talking over me rather than with me. My news, as good as it is, will still be overshadowed. Sigh.

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