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Awesome In All of Its Awesomeity!

Yes, I know “Awesomeity” isn’t really a word, but it’s my blog, and I don’t care. I have news

Get ready…It’s short and sweet…and it will keep me much busier than usual in the not-too-distant-future…


On Sunday, I signed my very first book publishing contract with Ghostwoods Books!


My novel is slated to be published in 2017. I am so excited! Ghostwoods is perfectly suited for my book since they publish speculative fiction and, apparently, chick lit, too. I’d had such a hard time finding a home for my baby since there were never any submission calls for novels with genre mashups, so this is SO AWESOME!


As soon as I’ve ditched this ridiculously difficult term, having kicked its ass behind me, I’ll be working hard on the antho, a script for a TV pilot idea I’ve had for awhile, and THIS, THIS, THIS!

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