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Yearly Recap of Work’s Best Of the Worst.


So I’ve amassed the handful of postings I’ve left from all of the lunacy that is my job. Since the school year is coming to a screeching halt (bang-not-a-whimper, in other words), and I’ve had little time to really blog (is that a verb?) over the past month or so, I figured I’d simply share what bits and pieces I’ve thought or read or seen from the workplace…

NOTE: SQOTD = Student Quote of the Day (usually something bizarrely funny in an essay, an essay I probably didn’t know what to do with without getting fired).

Fall 2015-Spring 2016:

SQOTD: “Placing myself in such positions that require me to transfer compassion to someone else, guides me to a more powerful view of this iridescent light. Following after it, my subconscious belches out memories of what could happen as I try to build a relationship with someone new.” (What, pray tell, am I to do with this exactly?)

How it really is when our campus meetings require us to mingle…


I think I am the only prof. on my campus who doesn’t require a word count — If it’s a research paper, page count; an essay, paragraph count. That way, there’s no having  students “fluffing” their writing with shit like “In the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and seventy-seven…”


Monday’s disgusting discovery of the day: Want some mold to go with your squished grapes and cheese snack courtesy of the school cafe?



I can’t help it…Laughing so hard at this SQOTD…(on the topic of online dating): “a person could make an account, set a profile picture and write boohoos of crap in their bio’s.”


Omfg. Sleeping-in-class student actually used The Onion as a source in his research paper. I am so over this term.


SQOTD: “Trying not to cry and think it so much, I enter the building and walk motionlessly down the hall.” (How is this even possible?)


SQOTD: “The crunch of the warm sand underneath my feet as I walk down the beach is as soothing as a sound soother to me.”


One of my afternoon students gave this to me today because she remembered what I’d said about direct questions in writing and how I’d answer them (for ex, opening an essay with “Do you like beautiful days?” & My response: “Well, duh!”)


SQOTD (I can’t stop laughing at this): “At this very moment I can smell the scent of what I would call a French-whore bath linger across the room.”


I just love it when some of my students are on a first-name basis with their source authors. For ex, “According to Gary and John, there was a 25% drop in workplace morale.”

Well, that’s all I have actually collected. Back to the grading slog I go until it starts again tomorrow. Just think…one more week to go…I am so done.



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