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Gun Control & the Greatest American Sleepover

I abhor politics. I can’t stand the posturing, the wheedling, the dilly-dallying (God, I sound like my grandparents). I also hate arguing with people who put faith in what some douchepizzle politician has them believe…but only in order to garner votes.

The only reason why I vote (and why, perhaps, many others vote) is because I have this ever-so-slight, rainbows-and-unicorns absurd sense of hope, hope that maybe, one day, our voices will be heard, forcing our state legislators to stop focusing on ridiculous issues and Congress to work together to enact positive change for all of us. For example, I’d love to see Wall Street shenanigans halted forever (not ever going to happen due to mainstream politicians being bought), an actual universal healthcare plan crafted and approved, and costs to attend university reasonably lowered (no more focus on “needed” expenses for things like gigantic sports facilities and useless administrative expansion). There are other issues that baffle me as well, things that a number of our representatives are getting away with…

Thus, the reason why I’m writing this particular entry, especially in light of the fact that the U.S. just had the largest mass shooting in its history — a vicious hate crime — and it just so happened a mere 45 miles from where I live.

For just over 24 hours (from around 11 am yesterday to 1pm today), Democratic representatives, led by civil rights activist Rep.John Lewis, staged a sit-in on the House floor as a protest reactionary to the majority’s refusal to vote on a gun control measure before the July 4th break, one that would prohibit gun sales to suspects on the “no-fly” list.

(Seems perfectly reasonable, right? But, hey, Second Amendment, y’all).

As much as I detest politics, and I’m not a fan of politicians in general (Repubs or Dems, I don’t care), I am in awe of people who fight against those who fail to see reason. Even if they don’t succeed in their attempts, the fighters still make waves. For this, never have so many people tuned in to C-SPAN, of all things. (It’s our Public Affairs network after all. Hardly entertainment television.)


(photo courtesy of

Around 3am this morning, Speaker Paul Ryan — who, to be fair, initially tried to maintain a semblance of decorum on the House floor — first called for a vote, totally ignoring the Democrats on the floor, on a MAJOR appropriations bill ($81 billion in gov. spending…seriously), and it barreled through without debate. Then he officially called for adjournment for the break, leaving the gun control measure STILL on the voting table and the Democrat representatives infuriated. Even still, they continued on with their protest, each of them sharing their views and personal anecdotes about gun violence in the U.S. well into dawn.

Again, I am in awe of them, even if they are politicians.



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*Unicorn graphic courtesy of the brilliant Twenty Pixels

10 thoughts on “Gun Control & the Greatest American Sleepover

  1. I was amazed by the Democrats sit-in. It was pure TV gold. I still don’t see what is wrong with universial background checks and the no fly no buy rule. These mass shooters had no business with these guns but still legally was able to get them. Absurdity in my opinion. Yes people will get guns illegally but if measures can be taken to stop just one person from dying, it should be done.

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    • I totally agree with you. I just don’t know how on earth it can possibly be accomplished (having stronger gun control measures) with the NRA having such a powerful stranglehold on avoidance of even feasible solutions. I mean, they can even prohibit the CDC from garnering any funds for research on gun fatalities. It’s nuts. Anyway, thank you for reading, and for your response! 🙂

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  2. I work in politics so I can empathize with your rainbows-and-unicorns-sense of hope… stereotypes exist for a reason but not all politicians are horrible, self-serving bastards and as long as there’s even one decent human being running for office, things aren’t as hopeless as everyone who abstains from voting seems to think.

    As far as gun control goes, the whole thing seems so simple to resolve to us Europeans who need special permits to legally own a gun (or a shitload of money to procure one on the black market). Jim Jefferies sums it up perfectly, really:

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    • Sorry it took so long to reply here. I’m having difficulty concentrating on things. I honestly don’t think all politicians are scumsuckers, but the ones who seem to share the limelight lately fit the bill.

      I didn’t know you were in Europe! Whereabouts? Ever since I got back to the U.S. having spent a good portion of my life overseas, I’ve never been able to comprehend the mad obsession gun nuts have with their 2nd Amendment fetish. As for Jim Jeffries — love those clips (another blogger, Helen Meikle, directed me to Jeffries’ stance/comedy bit awhile back, in fact). I especially love how audience-aware he is, that he knows damned well there’s a small percentage in the audience who were seething at him for daring to bring up gun madness.

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      • No apology necessary! I hope the lack of concentration is due to exciting things going on 🙂

        I’m in (and from) Greece, which should explain why my recaps are always at least a day late. The amount of gun violence and obsession with the second amendment just baffles me. Not even cops are allowed to shoot their weapons in most European countries… We had once such incident a few years ago and it still is a huge deal here.

        Jim Jefferies is probably my favorite comedian along with Louie. Even his misogynistic bits are hilarious. Same goes for Bill Burr by the way, he did a set on guns and it was the funniest thing ever.

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      • I love Jim Jefferies! and his common sense gun control bit is what got me hooked. I often wonder what other countries are thinking about our gun problem. I’m not surprised to hear they think we’re a bit off.

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      • He’s hysterical and so dead on, isn’t he? Yeah, I shudder to think what they think we’re like now with our current candidates (one nutjob in particular) for the 2016 Presidential elect.

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    • It IS disheartening, isn’t it? It’s like the truly mad gun owners know, in their deranged psyches, that they simply wouldn’t pass any sort of psychological screening or thorough background check, so they heavily donate to the NRA to give them a sense of power and keep those sorts of gun control measures from ever taking place.


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