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Throwbackish Thursday

This past weekend was the anniversary of my mother’s death, and  my father, two sisters, and I gathered at my youngest sister’s house to continue a project my mother had started before she died. My mom had wanted to create digital photo albums for each of us since, obviously, many of the photos (and film slides) we have of our childhoods hadn’t been scanned/digitally developed. Naturally, we still have MANY more to get through; it’s going to be a project that will last for a long time. Anyway, we had quite an experience going through the pictures we were able to get to.

Lots of happy, painful, silly, weird, wistful, regrettable, sad, hilarious memories…

Oh, and the fashions, the trends, the absolute UGH’s of the 1970’s-90’s (I had a mullet at one point, I swear). How we all got through without being scarred for life, I’ll never understand. We’ve some of the three of us girls that would be awesome to share on Awkward Family Photos, they’re THAT cringeworthy, but it may be best to keep our family’s dignity intact, eh?

Anyhow, I thought I’d share a few pics today, just for fun, all in the spirit of “Throwback Thursday.” If anyone wants to share some childhood pics today, I’ll gladly give a pingback/linkback to it.

Mar+Kenx+Amanda Sept 1981

(Sometime in 1981, not long before my youngest sister was born. Mom exhausted but happy. I’m the one in the blue suit. No idea where this was. Probably some hotel somewhere.)


(Okay, I want to say this was Christmas of 1981, but it could be 1982…Anyway, back then, I really wanted to be a comedian, sort of a female version of a pre-pre-Jeff Dunham, so the Santaparents brought me a Groucho Marx ventriloquist dummy that I thought was the shit.)


(I’m going to guess here…I think this is Easter of 1978. No matter, I was apron-ready and already giving my dad the stinkeye probably because guess who got to dye eggs first? Sibling rivalry already at five years old.)


(1973. Best. Baby. Picture. Ever.)




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