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A Few Pop Culture Blogs Worth a Looksie

I’d a bit of inspiration generated by the Daily Post prompt “admire”. In all of my browsing of the pop culture blogs I read regularly, I thought, why not generate an entry to all of them so that others may enjoy them, too…


So here they are, in no particular order…

The Telethon Runner:  She writes in-depth critiques and analyses of movies and All The Good Shows such as Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead and has a baking blog as well. If I was into baking, which I most certainly am not due to various hellish experiences in my grandparents’ kitchen (now mine, unfortunately), I’d undoubtedly subscribe to her baking blog. Anyway, her sharp commentary and engaging voice make for a solid blog connection. I adore her stuff and wish I could pay her to do nothing but blog about movies and TV (and whatever else she wishes to write about…yes, even baking).

A Voluptuous Mind & The Pink Panther Snipes Again  are authored and *somewhat* collaborated on by Christa and Jillian respectively. I actually found Christa’s blog, A Voluptuous Mind, via a feminism and film tag search because I was looking for other bloggers who wrote about female archetypes currently portrayed in film. To my delight though, I found Christa’s — and later, Jillian’s — blogs to have a humorous edge that showed in their mutual interests for just all things pop culture, literary, and female empowerment/enlightenment-related…(and some things bad-shark-movie-related, too).

(A side note: Christa recently invited me to write a guest post for her blog, and though it’s not pop culture related — aside from the slang term “ghosting” — I thought the piece might suit anyone who’s been in the same sort of predicament.)

From the Wastes… : Evan(?), the post-apocalyptic-ready author and “scavenger”, and I keep running into each other online with our mutual fascination for wasteland-centered pop culture, especially everything Mad Max. What I dig about Evan is that this isn’t merely a passing interest for him, he’s done his research and invites other artisans and enthusiasts to guest blog on their post-apoc. work and interests as well.

We Geek Girls:  If you want a brief taste as to what’s coming up in film, TV, and even collectibles, and you like your entries just short enough with video clips and imagery, you can’t go wrong with the geek girls.


Monsters, and Madmen, and Robots Who Fight:  William, the author here, is my blogger twin of sorts in that he writes about pop culture, the deeply personal, and even a little bit of both. In other words, even his personal pieces reflect his pop culture interests, which makes them identifiable, especially for those of us who were children of the ’80s. Like the Telethon Runner, I wish I could commission the guy to write more.

Dose of Buffa:  I came across this guy’s blog while working on my Banshee posts (browsing other fan sites, that sort of thing). He focuses here and there on things that I don’t pay much attention to like baseball and boxing (you’d dig it much if that’s your thing), but he has also solid pop culture commentary and reviews as well as interviews on his site. I enjoy his writing very much, especially his film reviews and Banshee commentary.

Not Behind You: I love these girls, Rachel and Kat, and their razor-honed, funny as hell commentary on all sorts of stuff like inane cultural standards, terrible TV (the Real Housewives commentary is dead-on), and up-front feminism.  They’ve been on some sort of hiatus, but here’s hoping they come back in the not-too distant future, especially in light of the political shitstorm that’s brewing here.

Thank you, my fellow pop culture enthusiasts, for your writing! Keep on keepin’ on!


13 thoughts on “A Few Pop Culture Blogs Worth a Looksie

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  2. Wow, thank you so much for the shout-out! Much appreciated babe, and thank you for the recommendations for the other lovely blogs as well. I’m on a summer vacation so I haven’t been posting regularly lately but I will definitely check them out!

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