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Okay, so my pop culture twin I’d mentioned in an earlier post has written on Penny Dreadful with a smattering of other stuff… You need to read this RIGHT NIAOW!

Monsters, and Madmen, and Robots Who Fight Monsters...Oh My!

I’ve been pretty fortunate lately that some of the shows I’m into have been blessed with a long shelf-life. Game of Thrones is a show that I’m into that seems destined to have a good run, the Walking Dead, and now we have the wonderful Stranger Things that seems like it might be around for a bit. But for every show I get to liking that keeps on ticking, there are always shows that I join late that just go away — gone, finished, kaput. They tend to be broken down into compact little units — 2 or maybe three seasons at the most. Some insist that this makes them perfect for binge-watching. I insist that this makes them perfect for working my last nerve. Some of these rotten shows I genuinely come to love, then they are out of here, like my own private little 9 ½ Weeks (God…

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