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They’re still around.


A few weeks ago, my guy was more than a little creeped out by something in my house.

Whenever he’s over, he’s up all night long due to his night shift schedule. While up, he’s often working on whatever game project he’s been contracted to do (he writes D&D supplements as a side job). Then he hits the hay around 5 or 6am and gets up at 1pm. Because I have the much more “normal” schedule of the two of us, I like to remain “normal” with my nightly routine. Prep for bed at 11pmish, read a bit, then sleep (well, try to sleep at any rate). In order to keep to my nightly routine, dude stays in my guest room because…sorry…No Noise, No Light for me when I’m trying hard to get some needed shuteye.

Anyway — and keep in mind I’m simply relaying what he told me — he was typing away on his laptop when suddenly, one of the window curtains near him billowed out, as if a shape was sliding out from underneath it.

There is no vent on the floor or ceiling in that area of the room, so it couldn’t have been a puff of air from a vent. It wasn’t Ike, my cat. At the time, Ike was sleeping where he was most comfortable (right against me, taking up as much space as possible because he is a cat, and cats don’t give a shit). Also, the window wasn’t open. I repeat: The Window Wasn’t Open.

Come to think of it, that area of the house has always had some…trouble.

That particular bedroom was once my grandfather’s bedroom, but my grandfather was the mellowest human being on the planet. If he’s haunting anything, it’s probably the donut shop down the street.

My ex-roommate, who’d also stayed in that room, had been spooked on more than one occasion. He claimed he’d heard his name called a few times by what sounded like my voice, but naturally, I’d not been home at the time. He’d also heard things moving around, like someone was sliding furniture across the hall floors right outside the bedroom and right above him in the attic space somewhere.

Granted, the logical side of me knows there must be perfectly rational explanations for it. My ex-roommate often got inebriated during the nights he was off work. Anyone can hear voices after having downed several rum and Cokes. Sometimes, the voices can even carry on full conversations after cocktail number six. And my guy, who doesn’t drink, might have been staring at his laptop screen for too long.

And so on.

However, I’ve heard laughter and the sound of creaky floorboards shifting inside my house, and I can’t explain that at all. Granted, sometimes, my dipshitty neighbors next door play their awful top 40 music on full blast, but they’re, at the very least, respectful during nighttime hours, and during the times when I’d heard the laughter, no one seemed to be around at all, and the laughter sounded like it was actually coming from inside the house.

My guy thinks it might have been the ghost of my grandparents’ cat messing with him from underneath the curtain. My ex-roommate thinks the laughter and voices and the moving about might’ve been my grandmother, who was noted for her dark sense of humor and mischief.

Whatever it is, all I know is that two people and a cat DID die in the house. Those are the facts of the matter. End of.











In response to the daily prompt “ghosts”.

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