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Reasons to be Cheerful

So, yeah, about that

My country decided to pull a Jim Jefferies and say “Fuck it, let’s do it.” Granted, it’s going to set us back once again to a time when old, rich white men and their young, rich white wives were trampling on everything for everyone else but rich white families. And all of the progress we made over the past decades for civil liberties and social reform…*shrug*. It was a grand experiment, kids, and we tried, but the Idiocracy has spoken, so carry on we must. Sure. Let’s let the xenophobic, misogynistic, thieving, bigoted, conniving, ignorant, narcissistic manbaby take the reins of the highest executive office in the public sector. Why not? It might even be fun… in a mass suicidal kind of way.

Listen, I get how a Washington outsider could perk up the anti-establishment voter base. I do. The D.C. elite, who’ve always handled the mechanization of the government (not to mention politics in general), will never be genuinely empathetic to the plight of the worker who has been cheated out of even a halfway decent life (except for Sanders, perhaps…and maybe Warren…and maybe a few more in the minority, but I don’t know this for sure).

But that guy? Yeah, don’t expect him to pander to the disenfranchised masses anymore.

Oh, and that guy’s rhetoric, his message, his lack of thought before speaking, it’s awful. He knew exactly how to rile up a righteously angry voter base, but he communicated hateful hateful HATEFUL words, hateful meanings, hateful implications, hateful ideologies, hateful promises…

And you, fellow citizens who are happy of the outcome, mean to tell me that hatefulness is what we really need? You want hatefulness to represent our nation? You want hatefulness as a figurehead? Seriously? We are supposed to be better than that, and what you’re having us project to other nations is that you all…well…you all don’t give a fuck.

You know, there are some of you who not only don’t give a fuck, you’re ready to go at it right now, your prejudice, your own HATE, on full, nasty display.

My family members, friends, colleagues, friends-who-are-also-colleagues, and students, all suffering the stages of grief, are my immediate concern right now. There is a multitude of reasons as to why they feel this way, and what’s occurred feels like a massive betrayal.

From a much more personal standpoint, I cannot find it in me to even consider supporting this…this person who brazenly objectifies and sexually harasses women, treating them as if they’re nothing more than mannequins and sex dolls. His sheer ugliness towards women who have come out against him is so telling of his character as well. I’ve said here on my blog that I’m not a fan of oft-politicized terms created by social progressives. I find that there are some who tend to latch onto and abuse such terms, and they make it difficult for others who’ve been truly victimized to be taken seriously. That said, there is a word that I’ve found appropriate in describing what happened to me when I first heard that man debate Hilary Clinton. I know I’m not alone. Apparently, there were other women like me who had been abused who’d also been “triggered” by his mannerisms and reactions to Clinton.

My anxiety hit its verging-on-on-heart-implosion peak when I got the news on the morning of the 9th that THAT man had won the election. I tried to take heart in the fact he’d not won the popular vote, but it didn’t do much. After all, the popular vote is meaningless when we’ve the Electoral College.

We all have predictions about our future years under this President-elect. Some predictions are, of course, depressing as hell and possible, some a bit irrational, some downright insane. However, some ought to give us a smidge of optimism (just a smidge). In other words, there are predictions and theories out there that may give us ever so slight (and I mean EVER so slight) hope during this dark time:

  1. This is a time that will bring those of us who are frightened together (the protests are a start).
  2. Once Trump is forced to learn, he may also be forced to change.
  3. There is quite a number of his terrible campaign promises that Trump simply WON’T be able to fulfill.
  4. A narcissist like Trump eventually has to realize that he’s not all that popular.
  5. Some of the better bits within the ACA may be retained.
  6. The possibility of impeachment is always there (Just don’t think about what a Pence Presidency may do to the LGBTQ community and to women).

Anyway, that’s about all I could find. And no, it’s not hopeful in the slightest. Not really.

I’m just like everyone else who feels as I do in that I’m just desperate to find reasons to be cheerful.


9 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful

  1. Hope springs eternal …as might be suggested by Andy Dufresne (as he crawls through a poop clogged pipe to escape Trump and his supporters). I think the people who are afraid, who are horrified, who can’t believe it, and who are just downright pissed off (this guy) need to get off their butts during the next two years and help evict some fellows from Congress and the House. That would be a good start.

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  2. Oh yes indeed… I fear for the Supreme Court, I fear for the gutting of the ACA, I fear for the wall, I fear for the working poor, I fear for women, minorities, and anyone else who is considered ‘other’ … let’s make America great again by going back to the 50’s

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    • (Trying to remain as optimistic as I can under such horrible conditions): Perhaps it’ll get so bad, it’ll explode on itself. As long as it doesn’t take us with it, I’m cool with that.


  3. America isn’t defined by one man or one woman or one office. Williamfrazier2015 is right, vote some people out of congress. I wrote in a a candidate because my choices were a lying manipulator or a gigantic asshole.

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    • If only the system wasn’t focused solely on simply two parties. It just shouldn’t be an absolute. Again, it seems as if the elite powers that be need to control the masses by their own design. As much as I despise Trump and everything he stands for, his running mate and seemingly upcoming choice in cabinet members are even worse.


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