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Why Continue To “Feminist”? (*edited)

Various snippets on my social media feed(s) about the Women’s March yesterday…

Demonstrators take to the streets during the Women’s March on Washington.

If you think PP is good, have you thought about it really????? Why…? Do you know all of the ‘services’ they provide and what they truly stand for. They DO INDEED pay for abortions. I’m absolutely certain of that for a fact, don’t be fooled by whatever you were told. And you must know that your general practitioner does all of that, we shouldn’t rely on big government to pay for it.”

I love the totally paranoid tenor of this response. Kudos to creating a sinister vibe. (Planned Parenthood is so eviiiiiiil!)

As for the info, only 3% of Planned Parenthood’s ‘services’ (I don’t get the quotation mark emphasis with this at all) are abortions, which are subsidized by donations not taxes (it’s the law), so yes, “they” (see? I can do that, too!) pay for them via their donations. The other 97% goes towards Pap smears,  sex education, tests and treatments for sexually transmitted diseases and so on. Also, not all Planned Parenthood clinics are abortion providers, so the fear-mongering needs to calm the hell down.

And by the way, there are PLENTY of general practitioners around who don’t accept Medicaid, so the local Planned Parenthood may…MAY… be a woman’s only option.


I support Trump. May PP go to waste. There’s more than enough other centres that help women with mammograms etc. And why do the taxpayer need to fund birth control? If women want the government “out of their uterus/ sex life”, then they can buy their own bc.”

See Medicaid issue above. And since when does the taxpayer fund birth control? Oh, wait, I get it. The ACA — aka that horrid Obamacare — is forcing taxpayers to pay for your sex life, you brazen hussies. 

According to, however, one’s insurance plan must provide birth control coverage. If that’s making your own premiums soar, then maybe you ought to be blaming the marketplace and HMO’s (a for-profit, third party health care system, in other words) instead, where blame belongs. We still have yet to go fully on board with socialized medicine, so the tax argument right now is just silly, really.

And I just love these birth control arguments that go around and around, as if birth control is just used for contraception and nothing more (let’s just punish women for having sex altogether, shall we?). Obviously they haven’t had to deal with things like PCOS, endometriosis, period irregularity and so on…


“They want to pick and choose which rights they can have. Equal pay ok, then get out and collect trash, repair my transmission. This is what skews equal pay in favor of the men the difficulty of the jobs men are expected to do. Maybe they should realize life’s not fair.”


Interesting…You know, I love the word “difficulty” in this. It opens up so much room for debate.  By what degree of “difficulty” are we measuring here and how do we assign pay based on this? And I wonder what stay-at-home mothers (who, by the way, collect no salary for their work) would think about this sort of statement and its use of the word “difficulty”?

Anyway, he went on to repeat the same sort of mantra, that there wasn’t any equal pay issue to be concerned over. There isn’t “any oppression happening.” The blindness, the denial, troubles me immensely. There are those much like him who are unable to adequately empathize.

In other words, since they’ve not had to face the problem themselves, they don’t believe it exists.


*And then there was this little tête-à-tête on Twitter:

American Flag Hat Lady: How come #nastywomen are also butt ugly? Funny

Me: FYI: Degrading a woman’s looks is just one of the MANY reasons why the marches are happening.

American Flag Hat Lady: Just stating the facts. Facts are stubborn things.

American Flag Hat Lady: You’ve heard of the pithy saying ‘Ugly is as ugly does.’

Me: Actually, “ugly” is an abstract descriptor, subjective in context.

American Flag Hat Lady:  … (crickets)…

Finally, I ran across this on Twitter this evening:


…and this one…


…and this lovely one here…





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