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32 Publishers Open to Horror Novel(la) Submissions

So I realize I’ve neglected my blog quite a bit, and I’ve been a lousy responder to everyone else. I apologize for that. I’ve a free week coming up, and while I’ve tons to grade, I will devote some time to being a thoughtful blogger in the community. It’s work, primarily, that sucks my days dry, leaving me with little to no creative energy to write, let alone read, for pleasure. When I can though, I’ve been pouring what’s left of me into a horror novel, my very first. I’ve had the idea for over a year now. I just felt like trying something different. Anyway, my book is far from completed, but even still, I research the markets for open submissions because that’s what we do in academia, research. While these open submissions may be subject to change by the time I’m finished writing and editing my own horror novel, I decided to compile my findings for any horror novelists out there who may be reading my little blog here.

(Oh, a couple of things: These particular publishers accept unagented submissions, too, which is nice and all. Also, keep in mind that submission periods open and close, open and close, open and close, you get the picture. Biggest piece of advice I can give is to Have Plenty of Patience. These things take a LOT of time.)

So, without further adieu and all that muckety muck, here is my list of…

32 Publishers (seemingly currently) Open to Horror Novel (& Novella) Submissions:

Bad Day Books:

BelleBooks/BellBridge Books:

Black Bed Sheet (their website seems crowded with info., but they have an impressive amount of books out…I’ve no idea what their contracts are like though):

Blaze Publishing (YA and middle grade in any genre — yes, even horror — as long as it holds a strong message):

Blood Bound Books (science fiction horror, literary horror, dark erotica, extreme horror, bizarro horror):

By Light Unseen Media (serious vampire fiction — “dramatic fiction with a realistic tone” — so no campy stuff, no Buffys, no Eric Northmans, no tropes):

Cactus Moon Publications (they don’t have many titles as of yet though):

Cohesion Press (military horror, creature-based thrillers):

Cosmic Egg Books:

Curiosity Quills Press (Paranormal, speculative, dark fantasy horror):

Cutting Block Books (via Farlolight Publications…They seem open to queries):

Dark Park Publishing:

Diversion Books:

Double Dragon Publishing:

Elder Signs Press:

Eraserhead Press (bizarro horror — Can’t you tell by the name of the press? Next reading period for submissions is April 1-June 30, 2017):

Flame Tree Press:

Genius Book Publishing:

Grinning Skull Press:

Hydra (A Penguin Random House digital-only imprint open to sci-fi, fantasy and horror):

Journalstone Publishing:

Perpetuity Books (gothic or psychological horror):

Polis Books:

Quirk Books (genre writing with a clever twist/an unusual slant — They published Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, so go figure):

Red Adept Publishing (open to U.S. authors only at this time):

Resurrection House (some horror):

Seven Archons (Still getting their momentum):

Severed Press (apocalyptic, killer sea creatures, kaiju monster horror, military sci-fi horror):

Tartarus Press (“literary strange/supernatural” adult fiction):

Tor Forge (quite competitive):

Unnerving Magazine (novella subs — 18000-35000 words for standalone publications):

Voodoo Press (watch rights disclaimer):




















6 thoughts on “32 Publishers Open to Horror Novel(la) Submissions

    • Sure thing! 🙂 Keep in mind that I’ve not updated it, so some might now be closed, some might have changed requirements, some might have closed and so on..


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