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So I did this thing…

You can listen to this thing here.

If you’re curious as to what you’re listening to, it’s a radio show hosted by horror author James Longmore and dark poet princess (the most amazing title ever) Xtina Marie, and it’s all about writing and horror…and there’s an 11 questions bit that was fun…and oh, yeah, I read the intro to Reception, my horror novel coming out from Death’s Head Press on March 15th.

If you don’t like me — like there’s something off about the way I sound (I get you), or you think my breath’s bad on the air, or you don’t like what I’m wearing (it was a no-pants kind of evening) — it’s fine. Understandable. There’s a much cooler guest during the second half of the show. By the way, you should get his new book, Ferocious, simply because…Zombie Animals (well, that, and Jeff Strand has a gift for blending horror, heart, and humor, which takes some mad skills to pull off well).

Just some stuff I thought I’d share before I get back to grading these #$^#ing essays.

Oh, one more thing… This was taken at the Tampa Bay Publishing Conference:

me and lynne TBPC

That’s me on the right with the uber-talented artist Lynne Hansen, who designed the gorgeously rich and gory cover for Reception (made to look like a wedding magazine cover because that’s how we satirically roll).

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