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24 Horror Novel and Novella Publishers Open for Subs (Jan 2020)

Hello again. I know I’ve been away for quite some time. A lot has happened. The writing. You know how it goes. A limited edition hardcover of Reception will be out by Thunderstorm Books this month. I’m working on the last chapters of a western horror novella, a slasher set in a home station, for Death’s Head Press that will be out this year. Once I’ve finished it, I’ll be moving on to finish the psychosexual horror thriller I started last summer, my nasty baby. There are some half-finished short stories all over the place, too. Maybe I’ll finish some of them as well. Maybe.

There’s been some personal stuff going on, too. Nothing quite as cool as the writing gig. Certainly something that’s been weighing heavily on my conscience since the holidays though. I have to make amends with family, but I’m too angry right now, still too wounded and baffled. It’ll take some time to deal with that.

Anyway, on to the purpose of this entry. I figured I’d share an updated list of horror novel and novella publishers that are, or will be, open for submissions this year. There aren’t as many listed as before, but small presses are constantly coming and going, some of them expanding, some shrinking, some disappearing altogether. There are some other publishers I’ve not listed (Death’s Head Press, Bloodshot Books, Grindhouse Press, Stitched Smile Publications…to name a few) simply because they’re currently closed for submissions. When they reopen again, I’ll keep my eye out and revise this list for you.

As I’ve noted in previous publisher list entries, and I can’t reiterate this enough, remember to always do your research! Find out what other authors’ experiences have been with the publisher before you submit anything to them. One of the best places to find out about a publisher is via the Absolute Write Water Cooler forums and/or through Writer Beware.  Also, don’t forget that submission calls open and close often. I’ve noted open submission dates from publishers who have them indicated on their submissions page. It also doesn’t hurt to send a quick email inquiry if you need to know anything else from that particular publisher.


Black Bed Sheet Books

Black Hare Press (underground horror themed novellas of 20-40k words)

By Light Unseen Media (serious vampire fiction, no tropes)

Chaosium Fiction (fiction centered around Cthulhu mythos)

CLASH Books (publishes unique voices in any genre)

Curiosity Quills Press (paranormal, speculative, dark fantasy horror)

Dark Hall Press

Deadite Press (specializes in extreme and splatterpunk horror, open from April 1-June 30 for submissions)

Ellysian Press (specializes in fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, & horror)

Excession Press (novellas 30-60k words, open for subs until April 5th, 2020)

Flame Tree Press

Giles Press (subscribe to their newsletter for submission calls)

Grinning Skull Press

Horrific Tales Publishing (UK pub. open for subs. July-Aug. 2020)

Mobius Books

Polis Books

Quirk Books (genre writing with an unique spin)

Red Line (hardcore horror press, wants novellas under 50k words)

Sands Press (Canadian publisher)

Severed Press (apocalyptic, killer sea creatures, kaiju monster horror, military sci-fi horror)

Silver Shamrock Publishing (publishes traditional horror, no torture porn, zombies, or serial killers)

Tartarus Press (“literary strange/supernatural” adult fiction)

Triplicity Publishing (LGBTQ press. Want LGBTQ main characters)

Villipede Publishers




If you’ve any info. you’d like to share about any of the publishers I’ve listed here, or even a publisher I’ve not included that is open for submissions (or will be later), feel free to connect with me either by responding here or via email.








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