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27 Horror Novel, Novella, & Novelette Publishers Open to Submissions (Summer 2022)

I can’t believe I’ve not posted here in so long. Sorry for that hiatus. I figured the best return to form would be another researched list of horror publishers of novels, novellas, and novelettes that are open to submissions this summer (and beyond). If I’m going to post anything, it may as well be worthwhile to other horror authors, right?

Anyway, I hope this list helps you find a company that suits your publishing needs. All of them accept unagented submissions, by the way.

Take note: No matter what, make sure you always do your due diligence and pay attention to the publisher’s general presence, whether on social media or at conventions. Over the past couple of years since I’ve joined the horror community, I’ve seen some indie horror publishers crash and burn due to problematic general professional issues (e.g., authors not receiving royalties, publishers being uncommunicative to their authors…) and/or taking stances and actions that are objectively horrible (e.g., publishing racist copy, displaying racist beliefs, sexually harassing women…). I’ve regrettably listed problematic publishers in previous submission-centered posts, but that was before things took a revealing turn.

With that all being said, here’s what I’ve found:

BHC Press Seeks manuscripts in a variety of genres, including horror.

BSC Publishing Group Also seeks manuscripts in a variety of genres, including horror.

Black Hare Press  Black Hare Press is looking for novelettes of 5-17k words. Check the very bottom of the page for those particular guidelines.

Bold Strokes Books A LGBTQ+ publisher that emphasizes they’re committed to “diversifying (their) authorship.” They publish novellas in a variety of genres, including horror.

By Light Unseen Media Serious vampire fiction, no tropes (No sparkles, y’all).

CLASH Books Publishes unique voices in any genre. They do a great job in marketing their books and almost always have a presence at conventions.

Dark Hall Press. They state they are “a boutique publisher of superior Horror and SciFi literature.” There’s a place on the page where you may query Dark Hall Press about manuscript submissions.

Darkstroke Publishing Darkstroke’s page states, “We’re looking for excellent writing in the fiction and non-fiction areas of crime, thriller, dystopian, sci-fi, horror, mystery and psychological.” Author’s note: Darkstroke’s submissions page indicates the authors are in charge of their marketing and promotion. This isn’t anything particularly new due to small press budget issues. However, there should be some effort of some sort on behalf of the publisher.

Eerie River Publishing Seeks “high-quality novel and novella series in horror and dark fantasy. The series should be two or more books within the same world or following the same characters throughout.” According to their submissions page, they’ll be opening their submission window this summer. Follow them on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok) for more info.

Ellysian Press Seeks character-driven horror, paranormal, and paranormal romance as well as science fiction and fantasy.

The Evil Cookie Seeks horror novels and novellas, especially “unique, fast-paced, gory stories with the perfect blend of extreme horror, Splatterpunk and dark humor elements.”

Flame Tree Press  Seeks SF, fantasy, horror, and crime fiction novels.

Grindhouse Press Seeks “Horror, extreme horror, dark fiction, sleaze, and exploitation.” Their submission window will be open from August 1-August 5th 2022. On a personal note, this is my bucket list publisher. I’ve had a story published in a Grindhouse Press anthology, but I’ve yet to work with them on a novel or novella.

Grinning Skull Press Open to all horror novels and novellas but has a particular preference for “creature features.” Note: There’s an emphasis on no simultaneous submissions (which means you’re expected not to submit that particular work elsewhere until they get back to you). For whatever press you’re interested in querying, ask yourself if you really want to put everything on hold with your submission while you wait for a publisher to respond. Sometimes, the wait can be ridiculously long.

Haunt Publishing (UK) Seeks novels with a preference for “Gothic, horror and dark fiction genres. (We) particularly look for work that is engaged in some way with Gothic preoccupations, such as doubling, decay, occultism, supernatural monsters or beings, hauntings, the blurring between reality and the supernatural, or death.” Their submission window closes Friday, July 1st, 2022 at noon (BST).

Hellbound Books Publishing Seeks completed horror novels (60-120k words).

Jolly Fish Press Seeks “middle-grade and YA fiction, especially books showcasing strong voices, unique stories, and diverse characters.” They publish all varieties of genres, including horror.

Odyssey Books  (AUS) Odyssey Books seeks manuscripts in a variety of genres, including horror.

Polis Books Seeks novel submissions in a number of genres, including horror.

Quill and Crow Publishing House Prefers “novels written with upmarket/literary style prose.” Seeks horror novels in the following subgenres: Gothic horror, literary horror, and historical horror.

Raven Tale Publishing Seeking horror novels. Particularly interested in publishing series.

Severed Press  Seeks apocalyptic, killer sea creatures, kaiju monster, dinosaur/lost world adventures, LitRPG, and LitFPS horror.

Talos Press Seeks science fiction, fantasy and horror. They ask for a somewhat detailed book proposal package instead of a query and/or sample chapters, which is something I’ve not heard of for fiction submissions. See the guidelines for more info.

Tartarus Press  Seeks novels and story collections on “literary strange/supernatural” adult fiction (but no high fantasy, violent horror, or YA).

Timber Ghost Press Seeks “high-quality ​horror fiction,” in subgenres such as “cosmic horror, weird horror, sci-fi/horror, gothic, and contemporary. (We) especially love Old West mixed with horror.” Their submission window reopens from July 1st-July 15th.

Unnerving Books Seeks novels and novellas, preferably “(s)uspenseful horror, crime (no cop dramas, cops can be in the stories but not the main subject and preferably not heroic), and dark dark dark general fiction.”

Weird House Press Seeks novels and novellas. According to their website, they focus on Victorian/Lovecraftian horror, but they indicate they’re also open to horror novellas for their Ghost House imprint. I’m assuming that means they’re open for other variations of horror for their imprint, but I’m not entirely sure. It doesn’t hurt to ask them.


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