A Brief Bit of Shopping Etiquette for the Local Ladies
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A Brief Bit of Shopping Etiquette for the Local Ladies

Before I go into my grievances, ladies, I’d like to take the time to, at the very least, give you a little pat on the back for your wise choices in shopping facilities. With such trendy names as Gapped, Ralphonso Lauren, DKNY, Calvin and Anne Klein and Sons, Banana Republicans, Urban Outies and Prada-hucci gracing … Continue reading

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A Matter of Public Indecency or Private Injustice?

Several  Saturdays ago, I took in a beautiful, breezy morning while sitting at a table outside a Starbucks, sipping hot coffee and reading the latest Tana French. A young man, Caucasian, probably early to mid-20s, sat two tables away from me, doing the same. He tore hungrily into a flaky pastry, hot and fresh from the paper bag, … Continue reading

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Exit, Stage Right. (No, Seriously, the Exit Is To Your Right.)

(image courtesy of thunderbolttheatre.com) I’m here in a coffee shop, determining how to finish the letter I’m crafting that I hope will end the reign  of the Wicked Witch of the West, the manager of a home accessories store who’s ruined my friend’s life. Mere moments ago, a lanky, smiley-eyed fellow exited the shop, highlighted play script … Continue reading