Dear Angry Peoples,
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Dear Angry Peoples,

Dear Snowflake Who’s Been Angry with a Professor in Another Department, I realize you’re busy right now. You’re in the midst of a legal brouhaha against the school, trying to get a humanities professor fired, claiming that he asked you to speak against your religious beliefs, which, according to the evidence presented, isn’t accurate at all. He asked you … Continue reading

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Oh, the choices we make…

(Clearwater Beach, birthday weekend, for when inspiration strikes — I like the ocean)   Piece of advice I should’ve taken: Write every day. Looking back on it, I suppose it’s all about the (wretched, stupid, careless, overly cautious, insane, half-baked, impromptu, expectant, fill-in-the-blank-with-appropriate-adjective/descriptor) choices we make. I made choices that were not entirely my own. … Continue reading

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  Let me get on the record here by stating that I absolutely detest Bertrude. Bertrude (aka Betrude the Rude, the Bertinator, Bertie Wertie, Bertrash, Bertroomhilda) is my office PC. She’s like the worst possible colleague one could have in academia. She is… …stubborn (refuses to do what is asked of her because “her” way … Continue reading