Why You Should Date a Feminist
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Why You Should Date a Feminist

Apologies in advance for the heteronormative pronoun use here as this is addressed primarily in response to a specific essay/piece.   Mr. David Hon, Oh, my good sir, where does one begin with the likes of you? Like so many, so curious, I read your little opinion piece over the weekend because the title of … Continue reading

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A Matter of Public Indecency or Private Injustice?

Several  Saturdays ago, I took in a beautiful, breezy morning while sitting at a table outside a Starbucks, sipping hot coffee and reading the latest Tana French. A young man, Caucasian, probably early to mid-20s, sat two tables away from me, doing the same. He tore hungrily into a flaky pastry, hot and fresh from the paper bag, … Continue reading