2017 Resolutions I May Very Well Keep
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2017 Resolutions I May Very Well Keep

I don’t do resolutions. Wait, I take that back. I don’t “keep” resolutions. They’re all a bunch of the same ol’ same ol’ anyway, so much so they’re virtually cliche now. You know, ones like “I’m going to get healthy and lose 30 pounds!” (Good luck keeping it off because good food is food that … Continue reading

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Oh, the choices we make…

(Clearwater Beach, birthday weekend, for when inspiration strikes — I like the ocean)   Piece of advice I should’ve taken: Write every day. Looking back on it, I suppose it’s all about the (wretched, stupid, careless, overly cautious, insane, half-baked, impromptu, expectant, fill-in-the-blank-with-appropriate-adjective/descriptor) choices we make. I made choices that were not entirely my own. … Continue reading