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Tagging: A Hilarious Joke in Readership Publicity

(WARNING: Banshee spoilers from Friday, Feb. 27th’s episode, season 3, ep. 8)

So back in January, I wrote an entry about a thoroughly entertaining pulp fiction series called Banshee. Little did I know that that single post would receive more hits than anything else on here and just within the past few days after last Friday’s episode. Thanks to WordPress’ stats page, I am not only able to see how many hits I get on whatever I post, I can also check out the known search terms entered that directed people to my blog.

Anyway, this past Friday’s bit of Banshee was one of the more insane episodes with a scene of utterly gory revenge and a single, startling moment involving silent killer Clay Burton:


…and the big boss’ niece, Rebecca Bowman, now out to do business for herself:


In the scene, Miss Rebecca, in an attempt to seduce Clay, reaches right into his trousers and when she does, a look of horror mixed with disgust breaks across her usually stoic, pretty mug.

No one knows what she found, or didn’t find, there, but the look on her face alone showed us plenty enough, things that answered the question behind Mr. Burton’s apparent asexuality and sadomasochistic tendencies.

I wrote nothing about the episode until now, but it doesn’t matter. Just for having “Clay Burton” and “Banshee” as tagged terms, people were heading straight for the blog entry. Their search terms were hilariously telling:

clay burton penis

banshee why duz clay have no penis

banshee proctor bodyguard has no dick

where is banshee burtons penis

has clay burton got a penis

clay burton penis

clayburton banshee no penis

banshee rebecca and clay burton penis

And on and on.

Lesson learned: Anyone can swing by to give your blog a once-over, but the motives behind it, the reasons why they’d come by aren’t to actually read much of anything. Instead, the blog is merely worth a quick scan for an answer to a truly dumbass question.

To anyone else who wants to know: I don’t know if Clay Burton has a penis, and right now that doesn’t concern me as much as the idea that filming will be focused in New Orleans for next season, too (this past episode was filmed there). If that’s the case, why on earth continue to call a show by a place that is no longer the central setting, the primary focus?

By the way…Don’t think I won’t tag the shit out of this entry either.

(photos courtesy of Banshee Wiki)

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